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RAZLOG (Bulgary)

Razlog is a town located in the area of Blagoevgrad in the Southwest of Bulgaria. It is set in the Razlog Valley. Razlog has been developed as a winter resort from 1990 due to its location close to Pirin, Rila and Rhodope Mountains.
The region is bordering with four other regions of Bulgaria, with Greece and Macedonian Republic.
In total there are 65 kms of skislopes. The longest slope is 16 km long. Most of the slopes are oriented to the North. Ski stations reach a height of 2600 m. Ski season starts by the middle of December and ends by the middle of April.
Razlog is being developed at the moment, with a vibrant population and a wide range of services, apart from being in the heart of an environment with astonishing views and natural countryside of singular beauty.
A first estimation is done on the percentage that would apply to different types of residential units, on the following basis:

- 20% for Studies
- 50% for 1 bedroom apartments
- 20% for 2 bedrooms apartments
- 10% for 3 bedrooms apartments

Project with the character of an aparthotel, with reception at the ground floor to manage those apartments that are for rent,
and being a service to those buyers who demand this option. On top of this some other areas for owner and clients services wil be projected, such as:
Storage for clients´ ski and golf equipment on the ground floor.
Indoor swimming pool, gardens for common use, Spa & Gym, Parking, Heat and Air Condition in all areas and apartments.
The final number of dwellings is still pending to be determined, currently we are working with numbers around 340 dwellings.

SUPERFICIES - ÁREAS  (m²/ sq. m)

Plot area: 22.300
Number of apartments: 340
Total residential buildable area above ground: 25.560
Total buildable area: 31.950
Total usable area: 23.964

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