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The Property is located on the northern fringe of the historic centre of Gdansk, less than 1 km from the Old Town, in the Young City area of Gdansk, a part of the Gdansk Shipyard, which is experiencing on-going rejuvenation. The location itself has a historical past. It is the place where Lech Walesa initiated the Solidarity Movement, and therefore is of high importance to the local community and is broadly recognised in Poland and Europe.
The Property constitutes a functional industrial site, which in the past has serviced Gdansk Shipyard. The Property has a regular rectangular shape with the square shape cut off its Southern West part. The Site totals 19,255 sq. m and the following buildings are located therein: Paint shops, Small warehouse facilities, Production facilities, office buildings,.. All suplies, such as water, electricity, gas and sewage are available on site.
The subject Property includes two buildings which were enlisted in the Register of Historical Monuments, which cannot be demolished, but nevertheless, they can be refurbished within the limitations imposed by the City Conservator.


For the characteristics of its attractive location and the possibility of mixed use, it is an excellent investment project to conduct an exclusive residential and office project with a complementary retail component near the historic centre of Gdansk. It is also important to note its inclusion within the urban renewal plan which covers the whole district and is leading to a rejuvenation of the whole area.


The potential development concept comprises of residential and retail/ office premises. Majority of residential component will be located in two residential towers 42 and 54 stories high offering approximately 45,735 sq. m of total residential usable area. The remaining residential space will be located in the existing building at Walowa Street 19 which will be refurbished into lofts, approximately 2,527 sq. m of additional usable residential space. Apartment sizes will range from small 2-room to large 4- room ones and the whole project will provide approximately 760 apartments. Two residential towers will stand atop a five-storey podium connecting both towers and hosting retail and office areas. Additionally building at Walowa Street 23 will be refurbished into offices/retail providing an additional 1,774 sq. m of usable commercial space. The project will offer approximately 724 parking spaces.


This revitalization project will transform 70 hectares of post-industrial area of the former Gdansk Shipyard into a vibrant waterfront, where more than 750.000 sq. m of new usable space will be developed. Investments include the renovation of historic buildings, the construction of exciting modern facilities and the development of infraestructure. Over 500.000 sq. m of office space to make Young City, the new central business district of Gdansk.
Also, there will be new retail, residential and service facilities.
Also an European Solidarity Center will be built across from the Historic BHP Hall, next to a convention center and a cruise ship terminal among other development possibilities.
The development of at least 200.000 sq.m of new residential usable space will attract about 10.000 people to live in Young City. It will provide permanent jobs to more than 10.000 people.

AREAS  (m²/ sq. m)

Plot area : 19.225
Total residential usable area (new development): 42.735
Total residential usable area (refurbishment): 2.527
Total residential usable area : 45.262
Total commercial usable area (new development) : 16.553
Total commercial usable area (refurbishment): 1.774
Total commercial usable area : 18.307
Total usable area :63.569

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