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The Property is located within the Sródmiescie district just across the historic city center of Gdansk, between Zytnia and Chmielna streets, on the Granary Island.
Since Middle Ages until beginning of XX century, on the Property this space was occupied by a granary.
In the past, this was the warehouse space for Gdansk harbour.
The eastern part of the Property is occupied by the ruins of the granary whose remaining walls reach up till the 2nd floor.
The rest of the site is free of any structures above the ground level however in some parts of the Property there are still visible foundations after the granary.
The south-western corner of the Property is adjacent to a small 2 storey high building situated at the corner of Zytnia and Chmielna streets which is not part of the Property.
The Property has a regular shape and all utilities are next to the site.


There is a unique opportunity to work up an exclusive hotel and residential development site.
Its main attraction is location, since it is next to the heart of historic centre of Gdansk, in one of the largest tourist destination of the Tricity; the Granary Island.
The Property is under valid building permit which allows building a hotel complex.
On the investor side there are also such additional works done as archaeological study, geotechnical study as well as conservator’s approval for investment concept, allowing a more accurate assessment of the investment.
In addition, the Redevelopment Plan for the whole quarter allows a higher building potential for residential use, previous to modification of the developed project.


According to the building permit there is possibility to develop a mixed use project composed of a hotel with spa-facilities, retail and residential functions.
The project envisages construction of 119 hotel apartments, with usable hotel area of 8.815 sq. m, development of 73 residential units with usable residential units of 4,975 sq m., amounting to 17.315 sq. m of total usable area.
The whole concept also takes into consideration two levels of the underground parking spaces and storage rooms.

AREAS  (m²/ sq. m)

Plot area: 4.844
Number of apartments: 73
Number of hotel rooms: 119
Total residential usable area above ground: 4.975
Total retail / Office usable area above ground: 3.525
Total retail / Office usable area above ground: 8.815
Total usable area: 17.315

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