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The Property is located within the
Sród-miescie district and within walking distance from the Old Town.The nearby neighbourhood can be described as post-industrial land which has been designated by the city authorities as a multifunctional new district providing shopping, work space, recreation space as well as inner city living space.
One of the main attractions are the views to and from the canals, which are forming part of the touristic interest of Gdansk, as they are already out of use functioning as a maritime freight transport.
The Property also enjoys an advantageous location in terms of accessibility to public transportation, such as trams and buses.
The property is an investment opportunity which allows developing various uses and buildings.
Currently the property is mainly designated for residential purposes, incorporating the added value of 9 existing buildings which have been entered into the historical registry.


There are two development concepts for this site:

  1. With accordance to the master plan there is a development project which involves construction of a real estate concept comprising 880 residential apartments, with a building surface area of about 71.775 sq m. as well as retail units with a building surface area of 14.739 sq m. The whole concept also envisages surface as well as underground parking lots with a total amount of about 1044 places.
  2. There is also a possibility to sub-divide the subject plot into smaller lots thus, creating for the potential investor a possibility to develop on a smaller scheme.

AREAS  (m²/ sq. m)

Plot area: 65.244
Total residential area above ground: 71.775
Total retail/office area above ground: 14.739
Total space above ground: 86.514
Total residential usable area: 58.732
Total retail/office usable area:11.054
Total usable area: 69.786

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