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The FORTALIA INVESTMENT GROUP focuses its activity on the international real estate business through the development of important projects in different european countries. The fact that it was set up at the end of 2008 means it is a relatively young company. However, the business first commenced with the Lábaro Grupo Inmobiliario S.A and has a professional track record of more than 20 years in the sector. We currently enjoy a consolidated presence in the Polish and Bulgarian markets, with an expansion strategy planned for Central and Eastern Europe, as well as Latin America.

FORTALIA's main objective is to create a strong, consolidated business project with a relevant international positioning. The groupís investments policy shows our clear commitment to expanding markets and this, together with innovation, management programmes and human capital, guarantees the efficacy of our expansion and profitability strategies in the future. Furthermore, diversification in recurring revenue products such as Offices, Hotels, Shopping Centres, Land Management and Trading is an important part of our investment programme, as a safe way to make the most of business opportunities.

The company is based in Marbella- Málaga, Spain, where it is planned to set up the parent company of the different branch offices which will gradually be implanted worldwide. At the present time, the Gdansk-Poland office is fully operative, and has a Polish building firm as a Group subsidiary company. Five real estate projects are under way in Gdansk and one in Bydgoszcz which include residential developments, commercial premises and hotels. In Bulgaria, an important Residential Complex is under way in Bansko, Razlog with a wide range of services.

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