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The site is located at 2 km from the city centre, located between the canal of the river Brda and the Brda river, in the area of Czyzkowko.
The plot is well connected with the city centre through the streets Siedlecka and Ludwikowo.
The surrounding area of the plot is considered being a good residential area, where Class B, B+ are being developed.


The Development Site includes plots no. 1/15, 1/21, 1/23, 1/25, 1/28, 1/29, 1/30, 1/31, 1/32,1/33, 1/35, 1/36, 1/41, 1/42, 1/43, 1/44, 1/45, 1/46, 1/47 totalling 63.732 sq.m. All the plots are adjacent to each other creating a polygon.
The Development Site is mainly flat, with a few bumps and resistance walls. The access way to the site through Siedlecka street is unobstructed.
The Development Site is a post-industrial land, with a number of buildings of the former industrial Plant in Bydgoszcz. Part of the buildings have been demolished, while the remaining ones are to be demolished as they are not appropriate for use or renovation. The great majority of the land is covered with debris from the demolished buildings.
All media, such as water, electricity, gas and sewage are alongside the site and therefore possible to be connected.


The conceptual development proposed is envisaged to be constructed in three phases, which makes the investment more flexible to demand for residential schemes in Bydgoszcz.
The site offers Interesting building possibilities where the key assumption of the potential development is, creating a functional residential scheme by taking advantage of the close neighbourhood of the river and surrounding natural greenery.
There is an approved Planning Permit (WZ) issued by the President of Bydgoszcz on the 16th of April 2008 where the allowed maximum development parameters are stated.


The conceptual proposal includes several spatial viewpoint, small play grounds for 6-7 years old children, piers and bridges.
The residential area is envisaged to provide extensive leisure functions and residential functions of a higher standard. Additionally, the whole estate should be well communicated with the river by wide pedestrian walkways and surrounded by bicycle paths.
The concept predicts construction of a football field in the northern part of the housing development.

AREAS  (m²/ sq. m)

Plot area: 63.732
Total residential area above ground: 81.252
Total retail area above ground: 1.070
Total area above ground: 82.322
Total residential usable area: 65.428
Total retail/office usable area: 1.000
Total usable area: 66.428

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