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fortalia first home

We promote, develop and manage first homes, adapting to the needs of demand in markets with a high shortage of housing or with relatively low market saturation. Our objective is to detect trends in countries in which there is a positive demographic evolution, and offer quality housing that is in keeping with the requirements of the families or expectations of the people living in the areas in which our residential promotion activities are implanted. We execute the entire real estate promotion process, including the purchase of the land, the processing of the planning formalities, the project design, contractawarding and execution process and the marketing, control and completion of the work and the delivery and deeding of the homes.

fortalia holiday homes

Through a painstaking ad-hoc analysis, we promote, develop and manage holiday homes in destinations that are attractive to second-home buyers. We have great experience, backed by our majority shareholder and by the team of professionals who work in our company. We have wide experience in executing holiday residential projects; projects that include a large range of complementary facilities, fixtures and services, to offer greater safety and comfort to our clients. Enclosed residential complexes, homes with automated systems, sports facilities, swimming pools, golf courses and reception services, with guaranteed profitability ...


We approach the development and management of and the investment in, offices and industrial parks with a focus on strong or growing financial and business activity. Our decisions are based on four variables; profitability, revaluation, future demand and the opinion of the investors.
FORTALIA is moving towards a rental business as another way of generating recurrent income. Selecting the portfolio is contemplated as an equilibrium between risk and medium term prospects for revaluation and profitability.


Investing in, developing and managing industrial and logistical parks allow FORTALIA to create value in a consistent and continuous manner. Factors such as the ongoing development of production centres or the movement of goods are indicators that facilitate the evaluation and identification of investment opportunities in these sectors. The accessibility and openness of the different markets are key factors within the logistical operation and are essential when evaluating the attractiveness of an investment, as well as being fundamental for achieving good profitability. One of FORTALIA's objectives in this area consists of creating projects for operating and functioning centres, incorporating the most advanced technologies to provide them with flexible and sustainable structures.


Projects involving the promotion, development and management of shopping centres is another area into which we are diversifying our business activity. FORTALIA possesses the specialised management resources and abilities needed to take on investment in the retail sector.


We rely on the experience of our team of professionals for the promotion, development and operation of hotel projects. We undertake the operational and organisational design of the hotel’s management, in accordance with existing international standards. We have put together a range of abilities that go from project design and technical consultation, providing all the necessary practical and operational knowledge, to the turnkey delivery of the facility.


We are involved in the whole process of investment, development and management of land, starting from the moment they are purchased. The track record of our only shareholder and each one of the members of the team has allowed us to acquire the knowledge and capabilities needed to offer a comprehensive service within the real estate process; from the acquisition of plots, drawing up market surveys and viability reports, the planning application process, arranging permits and licences, and so on ...


We are professionals that are fully dedicated to the property sector and involved in the entire development process and are aware of all the different aspects and considerations that are involved in this business.
Our team of professionals come from different industrial backgrounds, allowing us to unite very diverse skill sets that can complement each other, with an emphasis on rigorous observance of rules, procedures and market developments. For that reason, we offer a quality consultancy and advice service, helping with both the sale and development of the different real estate projects.
We rigorously prepare market surveys and analysis, put together Sales and Marketing Plans that are adapted to each project, depending on the type of demand, and we propose a variety of ideas for promoting the projects, such as Attending Fairs, organising Project Presentations, designing a media Plan, and so on.


The company wants to focus on services that are somehow related to our principal activity. Consequently, and in order to make the most of existing synergies within the group, we are collaborating with Lantria, a sole proprietorship belonging to the Lábaro Group that deals with concessions and services at both a national and an international level. We strive to direct our activity towards projects with joint public-private financing on a concession basis, managing construction and overseeing works, ensuring quality standards are met and using the most advanced technology.

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